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دوشنبه 11 اسفند 1393
Noorabad Village Branch is one of the most spectacular tourist areas in the north of the province is located Shhyvn. In addition to the village, beautiful gardens pomegranate, down about 20 meters, beautiful springs, the stone ruins of the historical context and called Step by Step is a spectacular time of Imam Reza brings it to perfection.reached the village. The village in February with flowers narcissus is plain that creates a magnificent sight. It is also the anchor of the mountain has added to its beauty. In winter, until April of this village can be one of the choices for nature.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish

Iran khuzestan Dezful Noorabad Village

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دوشنبه 4 اسفند 1393
Branch fragrant orange groves and even in other months of the year on the feast day of the resort where guests Spring Branch fond memories for people to flourish and create your own perfume .Orange Branch of citrus fruits in the aroma and taste of the city that is .


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One of the important tourist attractions of the city of Dezful Museum of Anthropology in the city. Historic Bath Krnasyvn Branch (Museum of thropology) to the number 8477 in the national tier of the record, and one of the buildings in the neighborhood Krnasyvn Ghajar Branch is located. The building with an area of ​​880 square meters and is both feminine and masculine.Museum Address: Branch, Beach Road, opposite the Palace Rvnash streets, historic Bath Krnasyvn (Museum of Anthropology Branch) .bazdyd every day except Monday morning 9-13 and age 16-19
Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish

kornasian dezful
Iran Khuzestan Dezful Kornasian Historical Bathroom

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یکشنبه 26 بهمن 1393
Leves Dezful , Khuzestan a village in the north of the historic village tourism is having beautiful and original historical context and nature of the tourist attractions in Khuzestan province is spectacular .The village is 51 kilometers away from air and ground anchor is located 73 km from the city of Dezful in the hillside .

Iran Khuzestan dezful Leves Village

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A view of the historic castle Exchequer Khan 11 km south of Dezful is located This historic castle, which has recently been introduced as one of the capabilities of the National Registe Beautiful brick role that the city is in the midst of green fields south of Dezful Dezful located.


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یکشنبه 12 بهمن 1393
Dose seaside resort which is also called Alikaleh, a coastal resort city of Dezful. The resort is located downstream regulatory dose and north of Dezful, Khuzestan and is a popular recreation center north.


Iran Khuzestan Dezful alikaleh

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In the northern city of Dezful, on the heights overlooking the beautiful River dose threshold Rvdbnd holy shrine is located. It is the tomb of Ali Black descendant of Sheikh Safi ad-Din who had migrated to the area, with several intermediate Shiite Imam Musa al Imam arrives. Ridged dome of the tomb has been the architectural style of the province. Date of manufacture of the Timurid period, which belongs to the period after the restoration. Amir Timur ordered the construction of the monument has been attributed to fond of the Rvdbnd. Back to the dose and spiritual calm, soothing atmosphere of this historic monument built in 2549 and the number of rows of Iran's national record.

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Rodband Tomb

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چهارشنبه 1 بهمن 1393
One of the areas north of the city of Dezful Gavmyr beautiful nature around the village after village Gavmyr Strait area around the village with about 180 households are the victims of Dezful . The village is about 35 km away from the city of Dezfu.There are many attractions in and around the village, the most important is the tomb of the martyrs Zaid old Jack . To reach the tomb of the old joke about an hour and a half after passing through the village to hiking and birding , and a good opportunity for lovers of this sport is fun .


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Gavmir village

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Hmys Malva sylvestris

Ingredients :
Malva sylvestris , dried pomegranate seeds and pomegranate sauce , onions and spices To prepare the food the puppy 's first crushed and then put it in the water on the stove to cook then Then remove the water and then fried onions and pomegranate seeds to add Puppies are then cooked in pomegranate sauce pan fried and then add to it .


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Hamys Malva sylvestris

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Dezful third bridge was constructed in 1375 on the dose. The bridge is 45 meters from the street to the conquest of the West Almbyn Dez River in the north of the city are connected. Consulting engineers design and supervise the construction of the hex on the same bridge and the second bridge was designed and built in Dezful. In addition to the three National Register contains the tomb of Imam Rvdbnd Bridge, Monument Babayvsf and old water source is located. The bridge is named with the name of the bridge resistance. The third bridge for construction engineering characteristics of the bridge is raised.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Third bridge

نوع مطلب : Dezful City، 
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