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سه شنبه 29 اردیبهشت 1394
Kool khersoon is one of the most amazing natural attractions of Dezful city which is located in the north of Dezful and Shahyun's district.The word " kool" means "a very narrow Valley" in its local meaning. "Eshkaft e Zard" is another name for Kool khersoon. On its walls, so many plants and trees including: charming Pomegranate and Ziziphus trees could be seen.There are two ways to go to the valley. First through Shahyun's road, before getting to Bishe bozan's village. There's also a one hours of walking from the main road to reach the main part of the valley. The second way is again through Shahyun's, along the lake, Islam Abad and Konarestan's village and one hours of walking.
Kool Khersoon considered as an attraction part even in the hot days of summer, as the result of its abrupt tempereture decrease to even below 20 degrees, in some narrow parts of its valleys that the walls get together on the top, don't allow the sunlight to reach the lower parts.
As its unique nature and its special ways to go, for enjoying more, it would be reccomended to coordinate with the local tours of Dezful city or ask for guide of the mountain climbing commette leaders of Dezful.
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دوشنبه 7 اردیبهشت 1394
easy come easy go
بادآورده را باد میبرد

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she is a ball of fire
او دختر آتش پاره ای است

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دوشنبه 7 اردیبهشت 1394
It made my mouth water
دهنمو آب انداختی

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