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answer the phone by left ear
برای صحبت با موبایل از گوش چپ استفاده كنید. do not drink coffee twice a day
روزانه بیش از دو فنجان قهوه ننوشید.
do not take pills with cool water
قرص و داروها را با آب خیلی سرد تناول نكنید.
do not have huge meals after 5pm
بعد از ساعت 5:00 از خوردن غذای چرب خوداری كنید.
reduce the amount of tea you consume
مصرف چای روزانه را كم كنید
reduce the amount of oily food you consume
از مقدار غذای چرب و اشباع شده با روغن در وعده های غذایی كم كنید
drink more water in the morning, less at night
در صبح آب بیشتر و در شب آب كمتر بنوشید.

keep your distance from hand phone chargers
از گوشی موبایل در زمان شارژ شدن دوری كنید.
do not use headphones/earphone for long period of time
از سمعكهای تلفن ثابت و موبایل برای مدت طولانی استفاده نكنید.
best sleeping time is from 10pm at night to 6am in the morning
بهترین زمان خواب از ساعت 10:00 شب تا ساعت 6:00 صبح است
do not lie down immediately after taking medicine before sleeping
بعد ازخوردن دارو فورا" به خواب نروید.
when battery is down to the last grid/bar, do not answer the phone as the radiation is 1000 times
زمانیكه باتری موبایل ضعیف است با جایی تماس نگیرید و تماس كسی را جواب ندهید چون در این حالت امواجی كه گوشی منتشر می كند 1000 برابر است.
forward this to those whom you care about
لطفا" به هركسی كه نگران سلامتی او هستید بفرستید

نوع مطلب : مقاله تخصصی،  متن خبری،  عمومی، 
برچسب ها :
شنبه 10 شهریور 1386

Bob Ross
 Bob Ross was born in Daytona Beach Florida, 1943. His father was a carpenter.

School was not his calling and in ninth grade he joined the Air Force. It was in the Air Force where he was introduced to painting while stationed in Anchorage, Alaska. Finally finding something that interested him, Bob Ross pursued painting by attending several art schools after he finished his service. It seemed he shared the same characteristics as me, impatience, because he became frustrated with the traditional forms of art and decided to revolutionize the "Wet-on-Wet" technique so he could create a quick-study painting style that appealed to all citizens of various painting backgrounds. This style combined with his very likable and motivating personality reached the world through his television show, "The Joy of Painting".  

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نوع مطلب : مقاله تخصصی، 
برچسب ها :


Dear All

We all sit in single position for the whole day in the office, and ride the bike all the way to our places. As a result at night, while going to bed, many of us experience a slight pain in the back

DON'T IGNORE IT AT ALL.....this may lead to many further deceases and disabilities as well


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نوع مطلب : مقاله تخصصی، 
برچسب ها :
پنجشنبه 21 تیر 1386
این مطلب را دوست خوبمون Night knight ترجمه کردند در زمینه فلسفه هستش.  فلسفه سنت اگوستین.
 اگوستین یکی ازمهمترین فیلسوف های قرون وسطا هستش.  امیدوارم برای شما هم جالب باشه.
شما دوستان هم میتوانید ترجمه های خود را سندکنید تا در وبلاگ گروه میعادگاه قرار داده شود.
ایمیل من samira_shrf7@yahoo.com
The Philosophy of St. Augustine 
I)Doctrine: General Ideas
Neo-Platonic philosophy was the field of exercise for the mind of Augustine previous to his conversion, and it was the same philosophy which prepared him for conversion. Even after his conversion, he remained a Platonist, and for the solution of major problems he appealed to the Platonic concept. But such adherence does not signify merely simple acceptance; rather, it involves interpretation and a transformation of the very principles of Platonism within the limits of the needs of Christian thought
برای خواندن مقاله همراه با ترجمه ادامه مطلب را کلیک کنید 

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نوع مطلب : مقاله تخصصی، 
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