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جمعه 18 تیر 1395
Zarshenas sunshade of Dezful
Iran has many hostorical cities that each one of them with its special architecture and atmosphere has many attractions for visit.Each one is such a sealed mystery that needs to be discovered

dezful sunshade

 Historical context of Dezful is one of Iran's historical attractions and sealed mysteries that makes viewers to watch its passes and monuments.One of this context's valuable buildings is Zarshenas sunshade that isone of beautiful passes of this city's historical context.Zarshenas sunshade is located in Haft par alley in context's bricky alleys and Moghadamian neighbourhood of this city and its dating back more than a century.Because of having valuable historical bricky context Dezful is cradle of some parts of Irani's traditional architecture and many works of that have been registered in the Iran's national index. Zarshenas sunshade ,monuments like Firuzi(Aramesh) home, Molahaji mosque, Kpsh sunshade,... has made the area valuable and is one of valuable focuses for visit textures of the city.The traditional pass leading to Zarshenas sunshadewith its beautiful bricky architecture guides people to a spiritual feeling and invite them to a pleasant lull.
If you are travelling to Khuzestan, you can make visit of Dezful's historical contexts one of special parts of  your visiting.Visiting the place will be pleasant on most days of year specially since Mehr (late September) to the end of Ordibehesht(late May)
Translated by: Roya Delgosha

Text & Photo: Mohammad Azarkish


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سه شنبه 29 اردیبهشت 1394
Kool khersoon is one of the most amazing natural attractions of Dezful city which is located in the north of Dezful and Shahyun's district.The word " kool" means "a very narrow Valley" in its local meaning. "Eshkaft e Zard" is another name for Kool khersoon. On its walls, so many plants and trees including: charming Pomegranate and Ziziphus trees could be seen.There are two ways to go to the valley. First through Shahyun's road, before getting to Bishe bozan's village. There's also a one hours of walking from the main road to reach the main part of the valley. The second way is again through Shahyun's, along the lake, Islam Abad and Konarestan's village and one hours of walking.
Kool Khersoon considered as an attraction part even in the hot days of summer, as the result of its abrupt tempereture decrease to even below 20 degrees, in some narrow parts of its valleys that the walls get together on the top, don't allow the sunlight to reach the lower parts.
As its unique nature and its special ways to go, for enjoying more, it would be reccomended to coordinate with the local tours of Dezful city or ask for guide of the mountain climbing commette leaders of Dezful.
Translator: Nastaran Zahedian
photo: Nastaran Zahedian



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یکشنبه 2 فروردین 1394

Dezful Cultural Center

Dezful Cultural center (1987_1993), one of the modern architectural masterpices inspired by Dezful traditional architect with a universal perception of Farhad Ahmadi, the great Iranian engineer.The structure of the complex represents the human movement from soil into heaven. Due to its extremely impressive design, it is considered as an outstanding pattern for the students of all over the country.It also has won numbers of international prizes in Norway architectural festival.Two cinema halls, a restaurant, a teahouse, a coffishop, a landscaped courtyard, visual arts and some galleries are of the other parts of this admirable cultural center.
translator: Nastaran Zahedian
photo:Reza Kafifar



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جمعه 22 اسفند 1393
Dezful, Khuzestan Province, located in the north of the few cities in theAt the core of the historical context of their cultural identity is largely retains Branch 5 thousand years oldImportant part of the city has an area of over 244 acres on the edge of old to be treated as classified Dez district is divided into 28 districts covered transits calledThis neighborhood is the most awning continuity. This tissue contains more than 12 thousand units of residential and commercial spaces, and one of the oldest known tissueMost buildings in the context of the museum brick brick and why it's also known.


Iran Khuzestan Dezful Architecture

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جمعه 15 اسفند 1393
Khuzestan Dezful Salan Mountain, 38km length and 2650m height, is located in north-east of Dezful next to the Seyed Mahmud village, Sardasht. It is directed northwest-southwest and to climb it, there are two paths: Sardasht and Shahyun. The Seven springs in domain of this mountain adds to its beauty. This high snowy mountain inspires and calls for mountain-climbing fans. One of the most amazing waterfalls, Shevi, gives a very admirable and eye-catching landscape to the southwest part of Salan. Also, there are so many other marvelous perspectives around this mountain such as Chal-Kalood (also known as Siah Chaleh) and Fritillaria Meadow.
Translator:Nastaran Zahedian
photo:Mohamad Azarkish

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Salan Mountain

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دوشنبه 11 اسفند 1393
Noorabad Village Branch is one of the most spectacular tourist areas in the north of the province is located Shhyvn. In addition to the village, beautiful gardens pomegranate, down about 20 meters, beautiful springs, the stone ruins of the historical context and called Step by Step is a spectacular time of Imam Reza brings it to perfection.reached the village. The village in February with flowers narcissus is plain that creates a magnificent sight. It is also the anchor of the mountain has added to its beauty. In winter, until April of this village can be one of the choices for nature.
 Photo and text: Mohammad Azarkish

Iran khuzestan Dezful Noorabad Village

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دوشنبه 4 اسفند 1393
Branch fragrant orange groves and even in other months of the year on the feast day of the resort where guests Spring Branch fond memories for people to flourish and create your own perfume .Orange Branch of citrus fruits in the aroma and taste of the city that is .


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A view of the historic castle Exchequer Khan 11 km south of Dezful is located This historic castle, which has recently been introduced as one of the capabilities of the National Registe Beautiful brick role that the city is in the midst of green fields south of Dezful Dezful located.


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یکشنبه 12 بهمن 1393
Dose seaside resort which is also called Alikaleh, a coastal resort city of Dezful. The resort is located downstream regulatory dose and north of Dezful, Khuzestan and is a popular recreation center north.


Iran Khuzestan Dezful alikaleh

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In the northern city of Dezful, on the heights overlooking the beautiful River dose threshold Rvdbnd holy shrine is located. It is the tomb of Ali Black descendant of Sheikh Safi ad-Din who had migrated to the area, with several intermediate Shiite Imam Musa al Imam arrives. Ridged dome of the tomb has been the architectural style of the province. Date of manufacture of the Timurid period, which belongs to the period after the restoration. Amir Timur ordered the construction of the monument has been attributed to fond of the Rvdbnd. Back to the dose and spiritual calm, soothing atmosphere of this historic monument built in 2549 and the number of rows of Iran's national record.

Iran Khuzestan Dezful Rodband Tomb

نوع مطلب : Dezful City، 
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